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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Procedure Text

How to play Monopoly

You need the - board, money, houses, players, cards, dice,
& 2 or more players

1. All players are given $150000 by the bank
2. Roll the dice and see who has the highest. Whoever has the highest number goes first.
3. If it's your turn to roll the dice, you roll them, then see what it is, then do steps.
4. If you land on houses, hotels, airports or stations that aren't owned, you can purchase them if you want.
5. But if you land them that are owned, you must pay the tax to the owner
6. If you land on jail, you're just visiting.
7. If you land on free parking, you get $500.
8. If you land “Dana Umum” or “Kesempatan” you must take the card which has provided and piety to the explanation
9. If you pass on where you start, the bank will give you $20000.
10. And the winner is the player who get much money

Created by : Anisa Saraswati X.5