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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pidato Bahasa Inggris

The danger of smoking for teenagers

Assalamualakum Wr. Wb
Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman . Dear brothers and sisters.
Thank you for the chance given to me. I’m really proud to stand here to deliver my speech. First of all, I’d like to introduce myself . My name is Anisa Saraswati and people usually call me Saras.
But, before I deliver my speech. Let me say to my great gratitude to Allah SWT who has blessed us with good healthy and happiness so we can gather here. And thank you for the commite and of course for the adjudicator that I respect.
Well ,audience, though you have been bored listening to many speeches. I believe you still have time and attention to listen to me. Here I take the theme “The danger of smoking for teenagers” yes, teenagers and we are part of teenagers.
Many people like smoking so much and get enjoy ment from it. That is a fact. What about teenagers ? Do you think teenagers or students of junior or senior high school like smoking too ? We cannot deny the fact that many students or teenagers do smoke although they have known the dangers or the risks of inhaling cigarettes.
The survey conducted by Global Youth Tobacco claims a shocking result. The number of young smokers between 13 years up to 15 years is 26,8 % and their bad habit has been done since they were teens. So, It’s clear that teenager phase is a critical period that determines whether they will be smokers or not later in the future. We all must concern about it, of course. Because, we know the dangers of smoking for our health some serious deseases threaten the active smokers as well as the passive ones ; such as emphuseima, cronic bronchitis, asma, lung cancer, heart attack and even stroke. It is also said that the smokers age is 10 years less than non-smokers. The girls who become smokers in their teens are threatened by breast cancer and erlier menopause. Frightening, right ? Besides it, smoking makes our breath smell bad, our teeth and nails are yellowish. Oh no, We are not good looking anymore.
But, audience, Why are there still many of us, who enjoy their smoking ? There are some reasons why teenagers like smoking. Firstly, when they smoking they feel certain sensation caused by nicotine that influences the nerves system. It creates the feeling of being happy and being calm, but addicted as well. Secondly, the teens think that smoking is a life style of macho man and make them look cool. Another reason is “peer preasure”. Most of the teens cannot reject when their friends ask them to try to smoke. They are afraid if they reject the offer they will not belong to the group anymore. The last one, the members of their family are smokers, too. So that , they think it’s not a problem if they smoke.
Woow, complicated enough. How to stop that bad habit ? Ok, Let’s think the reasons to stop smoking. For example, if we don’t smoke cigarettes we can be neater and fragrant, we can save our allownance and decrease the risks of having dangerous deseases mentioned before. Besides it if we avoid smoking cigarettes or stop smoking cigarettes, I think this is a good step to avoid another threat such as drugs or narcotics.
Well, I still have a fact from a survey done in USA saying that in the last ten years. The number of youth smokers in USA has decreased because there are often campaigns anti-smoking presented in mass media, at home, and school. Selling cigarettes to children or teenagers is prohibited and the advertisements about cigarettes are limited by law.
Then, The producers of cigarettes change the targets to sell the products to developing countries ; Indonesia is one of them. And we must realize it, don’t be victims. Let’s say no to smoking and don’t try it. My friends who are used to smoking, It is not too late to stop. Let’s leave cigarettes and live healthty.
Ok, I think that’s all . Thank you for your fully attention and see you next time. Wabila hitaufik Wal hidayah . Waasalamuakum Wr. Wb