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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pidato Bahasa Inggris 2

The effect of motorcycle club for society
Assalamualikum Wr. Wb
Good day ladies and gentleman. Dear brothers and sisters.
I’m really glad to stand here to deliver my speech. Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Anisa Saraswati and you may call me Saras. I’m the participant from SMAN 2 Kuningan.
Before I start my speech, let me say my great gratitude to Allah SWT who has blessed us with good health , great condition and happiness so we can gather here. Thank you for the adjudicators that I respect, all committee that I respect and of course for all of you here, because my life is empty without you.
Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters. In this very nice occasion I want to talk about “The effect of motorcycle for society”. I think it interesting because recently we have heard and read the news about them and perhaps some of you are the members of motorcycle club, too. It is not a problem if you join it as long as the club did not break traffic regulation or law.
Audience, unfortunately when we hear about motorcycle club, we imagine “gang of motorcycle” with bad impression. Why? Because, Nowdays many of them enjoy breaking the rules and law. They often go speeding or racing illegally at night and do not use helmet. They act as if they were the authority or king of the roads. That can do anything freely. Most of the members are teens, and the others who are not the members are afraid of them.
Have you heard the news about “gang of motorcycle” in Bandung that took some victims? Well, there are some other examples of the violences and disturbanees made by the gang. Few months ago in Cirebon some people became the victims of the gangs. They made the people afraid to go out. In Garut, the victim even was not common people but a policeman.
But, Why are there many teenagers or adults who become the members of them ? Firstly, they think they can be famous and get a lot of friends to share or just to hang out. Then, they feel they have freedom when they gather. Unfortunately, they are wrong. So, what should be done to solve these problem ? I think the official concerned or the police must cut the chance of the causes of the crime and violence such as alcoholic drinks and narcotics, monitor and supervise “the gangs” seriously, and take hard punishment to those law breakers.
More over the press should also expose the real motorcycle clubs and their social actions so that the image of the motorcycle club is getting better and support the bad members to leave their bad habit. Hopefully, these can be realized and can create peace for society. Well, that’s all from me. Thank you for your fully attention and see next time . Wabillahitaufik Walhidayah . Wasslamualakum Wr. Wb